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iGateWeb Filtering Groups Overview

Secure Flexibility

  • iGateWeb has devised a system of unparalleled flexibility while maintaining its high levels of security.  Clients now have a choice of (1) of (9) different Filter Groups.

What are the differences between the 9 Groups?

  • Scroll down to read Section 1 (Filter Group Graphical Overview) gives a depiction of and comparison between the various Filter Groups.

  • Scroll down to read Section 2 (Internet Category Descriptions) gives detailed definitions and examples of the 9 different categories of Internet content

I want to change my filter Group. How do I do so?

  • When you find the Group you'd like to be in, simply click through to to change your Group.

  • Just follow the on-screen instructions to finish up.

Please note:

  • New and existing clients can change their Filter Group at any time, free of charge.


  > Section 1-  Filter Group Graphical Overview



When you choose iGateWeb as your Internet Content Filter, you need to choose which group you'll be placed in. Click the tabs above to find out which group is best for you. When you have decided which group you'd like to be placed in, click the "Add to cart" button to continue with your order.

Q. What's a group?

A.  A group consists of a range of clients who have the same filtering policies attached to them.  The filtering policies are different for every group. The rules behind the filtering policies determine what Internet content will be blocked for you, so choose your group carefully.

iGateWeb offers 9 flexible groups that indicate what content will be blocked for you. Click the tabs to find out which group is best for you.

Q. Can I block MSN Messenger?

A. Yes, you can! After you've selected your group and added it to your shopping cart, you'll be asked if you want to block MSN Messenger.

Q. What's your strictest group? Which is least strict?

A. The group that blocks the most types of Internet content is Group i-90.  The group that blocks the least is Group i-10.

Check out our most popular group!

  > Section 2 -  Internet Category Descriptions


Detailed Descriptions of the Various Categories of Internet Content

Click the "plus" icon next to a specific category of web content to find out what is meant by it. See what type of content is blocked under "Pornography Etc." - a category that's blocked on all Filter Groups. Discover the differences between Private and Public Social Networking. For example, if Group i-70 allows "Private Social Networking", that means that sites like are allowed on that Group because they are categorized as "Private Social Networking" sites. However, if you'd like filtered access to, for example, you'd need to choose a Group that allows "Public Social Networking", Groups i-10 through i-40.

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Pornography Etc.
Sites containing sexually explicit pictures, videos, text, drawings or the like whose primary purpose is to cause sexual arousal; plus:
  • Illegal: sites pertaining to or containing information on illegal drugs, music, files, or gambling
  • Hacking: sites containing software or hardware cracking information
  • Malware: sites containing phishing, virus, infection, spyware or tracking technologies
  • Personals: sites related to online relations, dating and chat rooms
  • Violence: sites promoting violence, aggression, dangerous materials, intolerance or mass weapons

Sites containing information on social celebrities, beauty, and professional entertainment.

Online Gaming
Sites pertaining to saleable, packaged or online film- and videogames, fantasy, first person shooter (FPS), role-playing (RPG), massively multiplayer online (MMO) or machinima games.

Filtered YouTube/Broadcasting/User-Generated Videos
Sites containing information about the movie industry, or broadcasting or selling movies or tickets; and sites for user-generated video-sharing like

Public Social Networking
Sites that share information on forums or peer-to-peer networks, and sites that create public social networks (e.g. that are publicly searchable and open to everyone; people are tied by one or more specific types of niches or relations, such as personal or professional interests, origins, educations, trade, etc. in the form of publicly searchable photos, blogs, and profiles

Sites that are online radio or music repositories, offering music for auditory, streaming, or download purposes, either gratis or for a fee

Sites of or pertaining to a sport or professional sports or recreational activities

Private Social Networking
Sites that create private social networks (e.g. like that are not publicly searchable; people are tied by one or more specific types of niches or relations, such as personal or professional interests, origins, educations, trade, etc. in the form of privately searchable profiles

Sites containing news or educational video clips



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