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Unprotected, unfiltered access to the Internet is a risky business!  Pornography, illegal downloads and copyright violation can lead to serious financial, legal and social consequences.  News, sport, leisure and lifestyle sites reduce productivity.  Vast numbers of illicit sites expose user workstations to viruses, spam and spyware.


Chances are that if you thought you were protected with your existing "filter", you're not!  By far the vast majority of "filtering" products use an outdated technology called Blacklisting, lists of "black" sites that should be blocked.


Large blacklists may contain over 50 million sites. This may sound impressive until you take into account that the search-engine giant currently indexes more than four billion web pages.  At least half a million new web pages are created every day. The growth of the web is seemingly exponential - thus keeping pace with a comprehensive blocklist is difficult, and certainly not foolproof.


iGateWeb has realized that the solution is to examine the actual page content, not where it appears to come from.  iGateWeb combines cutting-edge Dynamic Content Analysis filtering and Blacklisting to provide you with the most reliable filtering technology available. Our URL blacklists are the largest currently available, and will block approximately 60 million sites. 

At last, there is a solution: iGateWebClick here to learn more about the exciting Dynamic Content Analysis!



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