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For optimal performance and reliability, our servers combine no less than three different filtering technologies:

bullet Dynamic Content Analysis: Our web content filtering engines scan the content of every site you visit by redirecting all your traffic through our servers. As web pages are received, the Dynamic Content Analysis engine compares the text against categorized word and phrase lists, looking for objectionable, non-work related and positive work-related content. Every time a match is made, a weighting value for the word or phrase is added to a page score. Matching of positive work-related phrases will offset the presence of words from other categories, to avoid the improper blocking of, for example, pages with medical phraseology. Once the page score reaches a threshold blocking value, the page will be blocked, and a "Blocked Page" message is sent to the user's computer instead of the requested web page.  Where iGateWeb stands above other true content filters is the speed at which the Dynamic Content Analysis engine works: a typical novel could be analysed in just a fraction of a second.
bullet Blacklisting: Blacklisted sites are sites categorised as non-clean sites, and are automatically blocked. Our Blacklist currently contains over 60 million sites, the largest blacklist commercially available.
bullet Whitelisting: Whitelisted sites are sites categorised as clean sites, and are automatically allowed through the filter.  The number of whitelisted sites is quite small, since the content of most webpages changes continually.  Because Dynamic Content Analysis is so effective, fewer and fewer sites are added to the Whitelist, though clients may submit a request to have a site added to the Whitelist.

New! Different groups of users
Clients are assigned to iGateWeb filter user groups whose web browsing is controlled by a pre-set filter rule-set. The blocking threshold for a rule-set would be set appropriate to members of the group. Different word and phrase categories can be enabled or disabled for each filter rule-set. Click Filtering Levels to get an overview of what type of content is blocked for different users.

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