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  Why iGateWeb is so Safe 
bullet iGateWeb uses a powerful combination of Dynamic Content Analysis, Blacklisting, Whitelisting, and Accountability Reporting:
bullet Dynamic Content Analysis: a technology which scans the content of every page and compares the text against categorised word and phrase lists. Every time a match is made, a weighting value for the word or phrase is added to a page score, and the page is either blocked or passed through.
bullet Blacklisting: Our Blacklisted site list of 60 million sites are categorised as non-clean sites, and are automatically blocked.
bullet Whitelisting: Whitelisted sites are sites categorised as clean sites, and are automatically allowed through the filter, though banner ads and advertisements are still stripped from pages.
bullet Accountability Reporting: Clients can choose to have a list of statistics sent to the administrator of the account on a weekly or monthly basis.  The list includes statistics of the sites visited and the time spent online.
bullet This unique blend of technologies translates into a safer online environment.
bullet iGateWeb does not install any software packages on your computer that slow down your computer and browsing speed, and are only as good as their last update. Software-based filtering is, in a word: unsafe!
bullet With iGateWeb, all filtering is done externally by our fast servers, perfectly fit for their task. If the iGate in your home or office is unplugged, users no longer have Internet access.  What's more, a gap in your weekly or monthly logs will show that someone has been tampering with your iGate.
bullet Where iGateWeb stands above other true content filters is the speed at which the filter engines work: a typical novel can be analysed in just a fraction of a second.  Sites with changing content are not just added to a list of "black" or "white" sites, but are analysed again with every new visit.
bullet This all combines to make iGateWeb the most reliable, safest Internet filtering service available.

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