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  Why iGateWeb is so Secure 
bullet iGateWeb does not depend on a single piece of software on your computer, because this could be uninstalled, disabled, or hacked.
bullet iGateWeb is a full SPI firewall, preventing hacker and identity attacks from the Internet, and even thwarting credit card scams and online theft. It effectively hides your IP address from third parties and adds a layer of anonymity to your Internet browsing.
bullet iGateWeb also block's most spyware, adware and other harmful pieces of software even before they reach your computer.
bullet It all works by means of a secure little box, called the iGate.  It's easily installed in your home or office, and forwards all incoming and outgoing traffic to the iGate Filtering Server.
bullet If the iGate is unplugged, users no longer have Internet access.  What's more, a gap in your weekly or monthly logs will show that someone has been tampering with your iGate .
bullet Wired or wireless: the PCs and Macs in your network are filtered in a secure way. 

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