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  Why iGateWeb is so Simple  
bullet iGateWeb involves the simple eGate , a small box which is installed in your home, office, or school. It's simple to set up and never requires maintenance. And, it's covered by an unlimited lifetime warranty! 
bullet iGateWeb does not replace your current Internet Service Provider (ISP). You are not forced to switch to another provider because you desire filtered Internet access, something that often involves breaking existing contracts with providers, and foregoing benefits of attractive Internet/cellular/long-distance discount packages. iGateWeb is available everywhere in the USA and Canada: from Ontario to Alaska, from Florida to California, users can sign on with iGateWeb.
bullet iGateWeb allows you to keep all your existing settings on your computer. And passwords or PIN numbers? Absolutely not.
bullet iGateWeb does not require any updates on your end. We employ staff to keep the filter engines up-to-date, to keep things simple for you.

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